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Paolo Soleri
This month's interview is with Dr. Paolo Soleri, known for his environmental and ecological approach to architecture. Born in Turin, Italy in 1919, Soleri received his Ph.D. from the Torino Polytechnico. In 1947, Soleri went to the United States on a scholarship to spend some time in fellowship with Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin. Soleri'...
People | 2008.12.19
Moshe Safdie
This month, SPACE met with architect Moshe Safdie (b.1938). Born and raised in Haifa, Israel, Safdie moved to Canada with his family at the age of fifteen. After being trained in Montreal, Safdie worked for a brief period in Louis Kahn’s office, when in his late twenties, before starting his own practice in 1964. Ever ...
People | 2008.11.17
Jan Kaplicky
This month, we met with architect Jan Kaplicky, who is at work as a director of Future Systems. Jan Kaplicky (b. 1937 in Prague) is a British architect of Czech origin. After leaving school in Prague, Kaplicky started a small private practice, but soon came the Prague Spring: In 1968 he fled from the communist government and started a new...
People | 2008.10.13
Paul Andreu
We met with French architect Paul Andreu, well known for his numerous airport designs. His best known project is the Charles de Gaulle Airport. Andreu has worked on this airport from its day one until recently, a span of nearly forty years. He has devoted most of his life as an architect to designing the airport. Before he entered private...
People | 2008.09.17
Philip Cox
This month we met with Philip Cox, one of the most actively practicing Australian architects today. He has committed himself to understanding Australia's regional identity and geographical conditions in relation to the rest of the world in order to find clues and a basis for his work. With his work expressing a 'natural Australianness', C...
People | 2008.08.12
Nicholas Grimshaw
more SPACE 200807(n.488) This month’s interview is with the British architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, who comes from the same generation of European architects that we presented in this series in the past months. Like other British architects of his generation, Grimshaw characterizes his time with the emergence of technology, which he ...
People | 2008.07.25
Renzo Piano
more SPACE 200806(n.487) This issue features a conversation with Renzo Piano. Having won the Pompidou Center competition at an early age (in collaboration with the British architect Richard Rogers), Piano has been transforming construction aesthetics into his formal language. With offices in Paris and Genoa, Piano has continued to part...
People | 2008.06.14
Henri Ciriani
more SPACE 200805(n.486) We met with Henri Ciriani, who is the only French architect we have met with so far. But technically, he is a Peruvian-French architect from South America. Given that French architecture has a rich past and is much inspired by advanced technology in the contemporary times, presenting Ciriani as the 'only' Frenc...
People | 2008.05.10
Peter Eisenman
more SPACE 200804(n.485) We met with Peter Eisenman, an architect who lectures and writes in order to explore the architectural ideas in his projects. Having worked at the center of the Deconstructionist Movement since the 1980s, Eisenman has contributed much to the bringing of the philosophic question to the realm of architecture. In ...
People | 2008.04.09
Arata Isozaki
more SPACE 200803(n.484) Arata Isozaki comes from the oldest generation of Japanese contemporary architects, but he is just as passionate and youthful as he has always been. His work crosses generations, locations, and genres, and he is still very much active and dedicated to the social responsibility of the architect. As a fellow Asia...
People | 2008.03.10
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