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Chilbo Culture Center for Youth
Chilbo Culture Center for Youth Utopian Architects + Studio In Loco Ahn Tecjin is a Korean registered architect. He has graduated architectural engineering college of Korea University. And he completed doctoral course at the graduate school of Korea University. He has 8 years worked of experience in HDC (Hyundai Development Compa...
tag.  Studio In Loco , Suwon City , Utopian Architects
Bojeong-dong Kyuwoozoo
Bojeong-dong Kyuwoozoo UTAA COMPANY Architects Kim Changgyun received a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from University of Seoul and a Master degree from the identical university. He has participated in various works as well as architectural design and has accumulated practical experiences. He opened the office of UTAA COMPANY Archi...
tag.  UTAA , Bojeong-dong , Yongin-si , family space
Letters from the Past (5)_Seo Hyun
From Perfect Order to the Age of Plural Voices Seo Hyun(professor, Hanyang University)Seo Hyun is a Professor of Architecture at Hanyang University. After majoring in architecture at Seoul National University and the graduate school of Columbia University, he completed field work in Korea and the United States. He has authored six books a...
tag.  Journalism , Agenda , Discourse
Letters from the Past (4)_ Park Kilyong
We Still Keep Asking You for Direction Park Kilyong(honorary professor, Kookmin University)Park Kilyong is an honorary professor in the School of Architecture at Kookmin University. He has also served as the Dean of College of Design, the Head of Environment Design Institute and the Dean of the School of Architecture at Kookmin Universit...
tag.  Journalism
Letters from the Past (3)_ Yim Changbok
How Should We Deal with the Participation Threshold in Public Architecture? Yim Changbok(honorary professor, Sungkyunkwan University)Yim Changbokwas born in 1946, and he is an Emeritus Professor at the architectural department of Sungkyunkwan University. He did his bachelors degree at the architectural department of Seoul National Univers...
tag.  Japan’s modern architecture , International competition , Public projects
Letters from the Past (2)_Yoon Seungjoong
21st Century Architecture: A Holistic Attitude Yoon Seungjoong (honorary president, Wondoshi Architects Group) Yoon Seungjoong is honorary president at the Wondoshi Architects Group and the Korean Institute of Architects. He was born in Seoul in 1937, and graduated from Seoul High School and the Department of Architecture and Archi...
tag.  Architect , Modernism , Digital era
Letters from the Past (1)_Ahn Youngbae
Memories Presented by a Magazine that Went Through a Half Century Ahn Youngbae (chairman, Dosung Architects & Associates) Ahn Youngbae was born in Yeonbaek county in Hwanghae-do. He graduated from the Architectural School and the Graduate School of Architecture at Seoul National University in 1958. He then worked in the Ar...
tag.  Korean architecture , Architecture magazine , Editorship
Letters from the Past
I was pondering what would be a subtle way to commemorate the 600th issue of SPACE. Making a dazzling and a proclamatory speech would be too much, and I didn’t want to give a perfunctory-sounding congratulation speech either. I wanted us to look back on ourselves with the 600th issue in comparison to the past. How much have we changed? I...
tag.  Korean architectural culture , Korean architectural journalism
Rainbowhouse for children
Rainbowhouse for childrenThe Rainbow house is a home for three generations living together on a long, east- west stretched piece of land. It’s a home for the mom and son and the daughter and son-in law with their two children. Since the family members have been living separately for quite a long time, we had to divide the space appropria...
tag.  Rainbowhouse , KDDH Architects
Rainbow Building
Rainbow Building DaeWha Kang Design DaeWha Kang Design is a multidisciplinary practice in London focused on improving human wellbeing through innovative and beautiful design. Selected projects include Communique Headquarters in Seoul, Rainbow Publishing Headquarters in Paju, a six-storey interactive sculpture in Arup Engineering Glob...
tag.  Rainbow Building , DaeWha Kang
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