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For What We Walk Overpass: Seoullo7017
ⓒKyungsub Shin Not many would like to walk along a sidewalk that is plagued with fumes and exposed to the heat or cold. We tend to prefer strolling through a park filled with greenery, using an underpass or travelling in a car. On 20 May, Seoullo7017 opened, and was immediately caught up in a lot of controversy. Although it cost 60 bi...
tag.  Seoullo7017 , Seoul Station Overpass , MVRDV , Winy Maas
POLY HOUSE Farming Architecture Choi Jangwon received his master's degree in architecture from Columbia University(GSAPP) after graduating from Chung-ang University. His proposal for National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea was selected as the winner of 'Young Architect Program' by Museum of Modern Art in New York in 201...
tag.  Farming Architecture , Korean House , Choi Jangwon
PAJU GLAMPING CAFÉ 'HARU' B.U.S Architecture Jihyun Park and Seonghak Cho graduated from Soongsil University and co-founded B.U.S Architecture in 2014. Based on the meaningful imagination that may arise with architecture and space as media, B.U.S ARCHITECTURE pay attention to the setting-up of the various relationships betwee...
tag.  GLAMPING , accommodation , Paju
Architecture Integrated into the Landscape: Samuso Hyojadong
Seo Seungmo (principal, Samuso Hyojadong) has always likened an architect to a cook. He thinks that the point of departure in cooking is fertile ground, that the theme is dictated by the programme of space, and that the spectrum of taste is controlled by the factors of sunlight and surrounding environment. This justifies why he can e...
tag.  Seo Seungmo , Samuso Hyojadong
A City as Envisaged by the Car
In the past, we built buildings, created squares, and made a city based on the image of our dreams. At that time, architecture represented the high-tech and led development in our city. Now just a few people emphasize the importance of architecture as there is little land left in most metropolitan centres, and people are busy blaming a...
The Depth of the Ordinary: JMY architects
No different white walls, windows that seem to have an abundance of light and views, a yard that is harmonious... Buildings created by JMY architects may not be fancy, but prove that buildings can be charming when they are ordinary. Yoon Jaemin (principal, JMY architects) said most clients, especially in the case of domestic abodes, ...
tag.  Yoon Jaemin , JMY architects , Korean housing
Changes Sparked by the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games
On a snowy day last February, I visited PyeongChang. Skiers were practicing on the snow-covered valley and squads from many countries were checking the condition of the venues, all hinting that the Olympic Games are not far away. With the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games a year away, PyeongChang, Gangneung and Jeongseon areas ar...
tag.  PyeongChang and Gangneung Venues , Olympic Winter Games
Maeil Innovation Center (MIC)
Maeil Innovation Center (MIC) Choon Choi The preservation of memories collected over 40 years in a generic office building, throughout the renovation and updates for a new laboratory facility, was the overall goal of the project. The design process actively tapped into the collective intelligence, to derive a design solution bas...
tag.  Maeil Co. Ltd , laboratory , remodeling
A Conversation with Memory: Choon Choi
All around us there are buildings that invite memories. Whether they are personal memories, the memories of past architects, or the memories of times past, they each contain their own unique memories. What kind of attitude should the architect possess when buildings such as these are faced with change? These circumstances are nothing bu...
tag.  Choon Choi , Maeil Innovation Center , La Cucina Namsan
Samyang Discovery Center
Samyang Discovery Center NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD+JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE The white frames that not only act as eaves but also embed the formative aesthetics, visualise a change within order. The Pangyo Techno Valley is an active industrial complex, hosting some of the leading bio-chemical research institutes. The client is a bio-pharma...
tag.  The Pangyo Techno Valley , research institutes , atrium
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