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Abstracted Surface: UNSANGDONG architects
Abstracted Surface: UNSANGDONG architectsArchitecture keeps changing within the urban context. It adopts the city’s various functions and programmes, and as a result, interiors have become more complicated. However, the complexity of the interior is not always demonstrated on the exterior façade. Instead, only a simple relatio...
Gageojiji (可居之地)
YerangChung ArchitectsYerang Chung completed Ph.D in Architecture at Hanyang University (2011). Received the Grand Prize at Korea Design Awards (from Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, 2011). Selected as a residency artist after receiving award for Journey to the Room (2013) from Takeout Drawing & Museum. Opened Yera...
What Learning Architecture Means
What Learning Architecture Means interview by Kim Kwanghyun (emeritus professor) × Park Sungjin | edited by Lee Sungje The question of ‘what is good architecture’, to those who are studying and practicing architecture, may play the role of a compass throughout their architectural journey. Carrying out his research with students ...
Three Bricks House
Three Bricks House Office for Ordinary Architecture Jeon Sangkyu is a principal architect in the Office for Ordinary Architecture, founded in 2013. He received bachelors and masters degrees in Architecture from Hongik University, and has worked at Gansam Architects & Partners and Mass Studies. He won the Seoul Architecture Aw...
Aloysius Family Center
Aloysius Family Center op’us Architects Woo Daeseung, Cho Seongki, and Kim Hyungjong are architects of op’us Architects and Monosome Design. We’ve been working together for 20 years. ‘Peer relationships’ have led to each other rather than the consensus of values. We had a harsh training with the ‘Millennium Gate’ project. We a...
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Spatial Weaving in the Architectural Renewal of a Historic Block: Qingguoxiang Block, Changzhou, China
Spatial Weaving in the Architectural Renewal of a Historic Block: Qingguoxiang Block, Changzhou, Chinawritten by Lu Yin (Ph.D. candidate, Southeast University), Zheng Xin (professor, Southeast University) | edited by Lee Jiyoon | photographed by Lu Yin (Ph.D. candidate, Southeast University) | materials provided by Zhengxin StudioIt is po...
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KB Youth Step
KB Youth Step Lee Youngsoo + Lee Hyunho + Chang Yong Soon + Lee Kyung Sun + Kim Sooran Lee Youngsoo practiced in Olivier Dugas (AAU) Paris, returning to Korea in 1988 to win the Grand Prize in the Korea Institute of Architects Awards. He was vice-chairman in the Architectural Institute of Korea, and President of the Architecture Design...
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K26 Diving Pool
Lee TonghoonLee Tonghoon is a practicing architect and professor of architecture at Ewha Womans University. His major works include Pocheon House, Daebu-do House, CUBE, and the winning entry for the Single-Family Village Masterplan Competition for Sejong-si. He studied architecture design and theory at Seoul National University and Massac...
The Possibility of Imperfection: NAMELESS Architecture
Is there such a thing as a pure prototype or perfect archetype in this world? Our adjacent, everyday surroundings are rife with imperfections. Na Unchung and Yoo Sorae (principals, NAMELESS Architecture) recognise this in profound ways, questioning how their architectural practice impacts the fixed foundations of such animperfect world; e...
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K&L House Pangyo
K&L House Pangyo Kim Taeyoung+Kim Hyunjun Kim Taeyoung graduated from Seoul National University and trained at Kiohun architects & associates. She led diverse architectural and urban projects as a senior associate at Gensler London, while conducting her Design PhD at the Bartlett School of Architecture and teaching at ...
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