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The News: A User’s Manual
The News: A User’s Manual interviewed by Shim Youngkyu The News: A User’s Manual | written by Alain de Botton translated by Choi Minwoo | published by Munhakdongne Publishing Corp. ‘Half of humanity is daily spellbound by the news’ rings as true as the words of the philosopher Hegel, that ‘news has replaced religion...
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Still Inquiring on the Value of the Human
The Value of a Human | written by Choi Yeonsook | edited Kangkwon Jeongye | published by JEONGYE publishing Company In late August, an eye-catching book was published. The journalist who worked in SPACE, PLUS, and architecture and culture, the late Choi Yeonsook’s The Value of a Human was released. The first half of the book ...
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Architecture and Art, A Dance of Desire
Architecture and Art, A Dance of Desire interviewed by Park Sungjin The Art-Architecture Complex | written by Hal Foster | Translated by Kim Jeonghye | published by Hyunsil Book How can one understand the ‘star architects’ and their creations, which have become the face of our cities? This book examines these figur...
tag.  The Art-Architecture Complex , Hal Foster , Hyunsil Book
Dominated Space, Colonial Seoul
Dominated Space, Colonial Seoul interviewed by Ro Seongja Assimilating Seoul | written by Todd Henry | published by University of California Press For the six decades following independence, Korea has worked on the careful erasure from its cities of all traces of earlier Japanese Imperial rule. Assimilating Seoul analyzes...
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Rethinking Seoul
Aging Potential interviewed by Park Gyehyun Rethinking Seoul | written by Kim Kyungmin, Park Jaemin | published by Booksea publishing co. This book intends to explore old spaces steeped with future possibilities. These places are found within the traditional Korean housing town Iksun-dong, a dosshouse town at Ga...
tag.  Rethinking Seoul
Inconvenient Truths about the Convenience Store
The Sociology of Convenience Store | written by Jun Sangin | published by Minumsa This book looks into Korean society through the archetype of convenience stores, which have become the typical spaces of daily consumerism in the cities. It points out the capitalist society from the view of consumerist behaviour and its operations wi...
Contemplating the Shadows of Our Times
Contemplating the Shadows of Our Times interviewed by Jane Misun Shim The Sedimentary Space in the City | written by Oh Keunjae | published by Minumin Following retirement, the author found that he had become a senior citizen. The book is the result of pure curiosity and exploration of the historic district of Jongno p...
Chicken Coop Architecture and Red City
Red City | written by Seo Hyun | published by Hyohyung Publishing Co. Seo Hyun, who in the past provoked public controversy with his writings on humanistic architecture such as Explaining Architecture, Walking through Korean Urbanscapes has released his newest book entitled Red City . Witnessing Korea Through Architecture. It is ...
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A Walk of the City in Kubo’s Footsteps
A Walk of the City in Kubo’s Footsteps interviewed by Ro Seongja Seoul Arcade Project | written by Yoo Sin | published by Minumsa A partial memoir of the author traveling through the modern city on foot, and by bus and metro rediscovering, interpreting and meditating on conceptual ‘arcades’. The protagonist, the fl&#...
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Is What We’re Missing ‘Architecture’ or a ‘Nation’?
Is What We’re Missing ‘Architecture’ or a ‘Nation’? Interviewed by Park Sungjin A Nation Without Architecture | written by Lee Jongkeun | published by Ganhyang Media Lab This book analyses architecture from a sociological and historical point of view as an ‘art of manipulation’, from the times of Vitruvius to the ...
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