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Finding Common Values: VOID architects
VOID architects (Zhang Kiuk, Lee Kusang) here presents four new projects, including the Yeongju Senior Center, the Guro Youth Cultural Center, Paju Culture Books, and VIEW CLINIC. Their past work collectively reveals a focus on interpreting a site and resolving problems rather than expressing a singular architectural language. VOID ar...
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Four Types of Yeongju Guide Map
Four Types of Yeongju Guide Map:Regeneration-History-Living Environment-Culture and Sports Unlike major cities, most small and medium cities in Korea are experiencing a decrease in population, economic stagnation and severe urban environment deterioration due to the decentralization and reorganization of urban functions. To overcome these...
tag.  Yeongju , Public Architecture , Public Design
Ten Years of Public Architecture Projects: Following the Traces of Yeongju
Some may ask what has suddenly attracted such attention to Yeongju. Yeongju first established a strategy for urban regeneration through public architecture and adopted the system of public architecture for small and medium cities in 2009. Even though it is just a small area with a population of 110,000 people, Yeongju has moved faster tha...
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Aewol Unfolded House
Aewol Unfolded House Seoro Architects Kim Jeongim, principal of Seoro Architects, is interested not only in focusing and considering on dynamics and relationship between diverse elements in modern society but in reflecting them in architectural space. NEW Headquarter, Seonjeongneung Neighborhood Facility, Samsung Seoul Campus Desi...
tag.  Jeju , Guesthouse , Seoro Architects
Hilton Busan
Hilton Busan SKM Architects Busan’s geographical conditions, with excellent accessibility from other areas, was taken into consideration during the design process for the Hilton Busan, combining various functions instead of giving the site a specific identity like a business hotel or tourist resorts. Most of all we endeavored...
tag.  Hilton , Hilton Busan , Emerson Pacific , Ken Min Sungjin , SKM Architects
Nonhyeon-dong Housing
Nonhyeon-dong Housing Oh Sang Hoon Oh Sang Hoon is a chartered architect (UK) and studied Architecture at Dankook University in Seoul and Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA School) in London. He has worked for Adjaye Associates, FOA, HOK and Zaha Hadid Architects in London and founded CTR Form Architects in 2012 ...
tag.  Multi-storey House , Airbnb , CTR Form Architects
The Ananti Penthouse Haeundae
The Ananti Penthouse Haeundae SKM Architects ⓒYoon Joonhwan The 1km beautiful rocky shoreline and coastline that extends along the front of the site, the smooth ridge of mountain that rises behind it, and stretch of clear open sea all advance the unique power of the site. In a modest manner that respects the natural language...
tag.  Ananti , Emerson Pacific , Ken Min Sungjin , SKM Architects , Ananti Penthouse Haeundae
The Ananti Cove: Designing Sensory Experience
ⓒKyungsub Shin The Ananti Penthouse Haeundae and Hilton Busan (also known as The Ananti Cove) opened last July after more than six years of planning and construction. The Ananti Cove, which is on a site of around 730,000㎡ and 200,000㎡ of Gross floor space, has received significant attention as the country’s largest vacation spot...
tag.  The Ananti Cove , The Ananti Penthouse Haeundae , Hilton Busan
For What We Walk Overpass: Seoullo7017
ⓒKyungsub Shin Not many would like to walk along a sidewalk that is plagued with fumes and exposed to the heat or cold. We tend to prefer strolling through a park filled with greenery, using an underpass or travelling in a car. On 20 May, Seoullo7017 opened, and was immediately caught up in a lot of controversy. Although it cost 60 bi...
tag.  Seoullo7017 , Seoul Station Overpass , MVRDV , Winy Maas
POLY HOUSE Farming Architecture Choi Jangwon received his master's degree in architecture from Columbia University(GSAPP) after graduating from Chung-ang University. His proposal for National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea was selected as the winner of 'Young Architect Program' by Museum of Modern Art in New York in 201...
tag.  Farming Architecture , Korean House , Choi Jangwon
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