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The Present State of the DDP and Collision within the System

August last year SPACE observed the emergence of the Dongdaemun Design Park & Plaza (DDP) and tracked its trajectory. Now, open to the public with a host of exhibitions, the DDP has shouldered the important task of its future application. Zaha Hadid’s visit and the ensuing response of the media and those within the architectural field evoked the controversy surrounding the new Seoul City Hall completed in 2012 (issue 537, 540 of SPACE). The public seemed indifferent to the expenditure of their 500 billion KRW tax and the future use of such a huge space, with the media only focusing on the what meets the eye and iconography rather than trying to approach the essence of the problem through thorough criticism and reasoned reportage. Architectural experts showed the current situation of Korean architecture lacking in profitable discourse.
SPACE reviews this internal and external phenomenon and the resulting conflict of operating systems in this special report. Architectural achievements and occurrences were fully addressed during a four-hour interview with Patrik Schumacher, and the role of Seoul’s Design Foundation and their control of the DDP’s application will be analysed in the following reports. The roles and responsibilities of the architect will be questioned and the role of the media will be challenged in an interview with Zaha Hadid. Finally, we gather criticism from various classes and introduce an overarching discourse on industrial value and architectural achievement. Now it is up to the public and the architectural field to answer how this alien spacecraft can take root in this ground after its emergency landing.
edited by Shim Youngkyu | photographed by Shin Kyungsub | designed by Choi Jongyol
Report |  Three Conflicts and Absences
Interview |  Zaha Hadid, Between Architecture and Icon
Critique |  Discord of the Primal and the Advanced
Spectrum |  Drawing a Dialogue for the DDP
Dialogue |  The DDP Revealed in Present Form

※ You can find detail contents through the April issue of 'SPACE'.
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