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The Second Headquarters of DAEGU BANK

The Second Headquarters of DAEGU BANK


The site of the Second Headquarters of DAEGU BANK used to be a hub of the textile industries in the 1960s and 1970s, where the Taihan textile co., ltd. and Cheil Woolen Fabrics Industries used to be located. At the site, a building that represents the financial industry of Daegu was settled. JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE has already designed the main headquarters for the Daegu Bank back in 1978, helping to create a place that display character and the essential value of the financial building. The design team includes architects who participated on the original headquarter project and young emerging architects, which have more than fifty years in the age gap. This unprecedented team attempted to create a project that embodies the corporate philosophy and vision, while proposing a new paradigm of the financial building of this era.
The main facilities were devised with the intention of creating a space that allows active communication with the local residents, instead of focusing on the form of the building or creating borders with the neighbouring buildings. Entrance pathways and spaces that allow access to the building from all sides were planned first, so as to establish an order, and each programme was independently placed around these nexus points. The
finish of the wall and the landscape plan continue throughout the interior of the building, which create an image of openness by eliminating the border between interior and exterior. The DGB Lounge, which sits at the centre of the various programmes including gallery and a cafe, is a space that displays the will of Daegu Bank to reestablish the corporate image and communicate with the residents. The lounge is a space that stimulates one’s sight through the mix of light and texture, one’s sense of hearing with sound of water and piano, and one’s sense of smell with the scent of coffee. Instead of a more traditional plan that focuses on departments, security, and efficiency, a new plan that allows communication between departments was applied in the office space on the upper office space. Also, the atrium places greater focus on presenting architectural ideas to provoke communication and welfare for the employees. written by JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE

The Second Headquarters of DAEGU BANK showed a pure expression in the city, contrary to the complicated elevation of the nearby high-rise apartments.


The DGB Lounge, which sits at the centre of the various programmes including gallery and a café, is a space that displays the will of Daegu Bank to reestablish the corporate image and communicate with the residents.

Because of the bright light that pours into the inner court which pass through whole office floors, the habitability of the space is superb.

A gym at B1 of the building


Architect: JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE (Jinwoo Lim)
Design team: Woo Soyoung, Lee Myungjin, Jung Jaeseon, Kim Dongkwan, Yun Sunghan, Lee Woomee, Oh Jeongkeun, Kim Dohyun, Kim Hyunki, Kim Hyojung
Location: 111, Oksan-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu, Korea
Programme: office
Site area: 9,638.9㎡
Building area: 3,637.12㎡
Gross floor area: 37,055.34㎡
Building scope: B3, 10F
Parking: 392
Height: 55.94m
Building to land ratio: 37.73%
Floor area ratio: 167.24%
Structure: RC, SRC
Exterior finishing: THK36 Low-E glass with expanded metal, THK30 angola black, exposed concrete
Interior finishing: THK18 insulated glazing unit, THK30 napoleon gray, THK15 bubinga Structural engineer: I’ST
Mechanical engineer: WOOWON M&E
Electrical engineer: JUNGWOO Engineering
Construction: Hwasung Industrial Co., Ltd
Landscape design: SOLTOS Landscape Architecture
Design period: July 2012 – Oct. 2013
Construction period: Dec. 2013 – Apr. 2016
Construction budget: 75 billion KRW
Client: Daegu Bank

photographed by Yoon Joonhwan │ materials provided by JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE

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