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Samyang Discovery Center

Samyang Discovery Center



The white frames that not only act as eaves but also embed the formative aesthetics, visualise a change within order.


The Pangyo Techno Valley is an active industrial complex, hosting some of the leading bio-chemical research institutes. The client is a bio-pharmaceutical company, which own the unrivaled technology for anti-cancer drugs, biodegradable sutures, and vegetable cell cultivation. Their goal for this project is to integrate a number of institutes dispersed over various regions to create a synergy effect. Also, it was important to create a space that allows communicating with the local residents (workers) along with fulfilling office work and research functions. In other words, they meant to create a place of communication, which will bring in a greater degree of synergy.
The lower part of the building is made up with the piloti to open up the ground to the pedestrians, along with opening parts of the site adjacent to the street as a public space. The programmes at the lower part are filled up with facilities that can be used by both employees and local residents to create a community space. The facilities include conference rooms, lounge, a day-care centre for the employees, a multi-purpose auditorium, and a gallery.
Internally, the spaces are focused on communication within the group. Several small-scale conference rooms were placed in the research facilities to permit continuous communication among the team members. Staff lounges were each placed at the northeastern end and southwestern end of the building in
order to provoke communication between researchers. Also, the atrium at the centre of the building allows visual communication throughout the building. The conversations between researchers from different fields are expected to bring about a new interactive effect. written by JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE

The atrium at the centre of the building allows visual communication among users throughout the building.


The lower part of the building is made up with the piloti to open up the ground to the pedestrians.

Architect: NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD (Tadao Kamei) + JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE (Jinwoo Lim)
Design team: NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD – Ko Isogimi, Mutsuo Kadota, Takuji Hiroshige, Kim Daijung, Kim Eunhee, Shayda Alsharif / JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE – Yoo Jongwook, Na Hyeyeon, Park Minho, Kim Taegon

Location: 295, Pangyo-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Programme: research center, office
Site area: 5,732.9㎡
Building area: 3,106.82㎡
Gross floor area: 44,984.63㎡
Building scope: B6, 9F
Parking: 303
Height: 40.26m
Building to land ratio: 54.19%
Floor area ratio: 335.29%
Structure: RC, SC (for a skylight)
Exterior finishing: THK3 aluminium anodizing panel, THK24 Low-E insulated glass, exposed concrete
Interior finishing: floors – vinyl tile / walls – eco-water paint on plaster board / ceiling – rockwool sound absorption tex
Structural engineer: CROSS STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT Mechanical engineer: DOUL Engineering
Electrical engineer: JUNG WOO Engineering
Construction: Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: HAK associates landscape architecture
Design period: Dec. 2012 – Nov. 2015
Construction period: Apr. 2014 – May 2016
Client: Samyang Biopharm, Samyang Corporation
Photographed by Yoon Joonhwan│materials provided by JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE

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