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Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance HIVISION CENTER

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance HIVISION CENTER




The scope of this project was to demolish the worned out original facilities and build a new ‘education centered’ training institute. The main issues during the design phase were the following: First, bring in the exquisite natural environment of Gonjiam into the institute. Second, overcome the issue of having a confined building site within the lot. Third, improve the visual interference and stifling feeling from the former institute. Fourth, improve the recognition of the institute using the Metasequoia road near the entrance. The goal was to create a place that mingles well with its surrounding environment, while solving the four major issues.
Instead of having an exaggerated form or a fancy interior, the institute is a place that contains the adjacent forest where the users communicate with one another in the forest. This experience will be etched on the hearts of the trainees, which will inspire the sense of belonging and pride towards the company. In order to improve the visual stiffness of the former institute building, the new building was built with an open form with wings on each side to secure the view of the surrounding forest. The yard, which was naturally formed due to the arrangement of the building, contains eco-friendly materials to reveal the plan to embrace the forest as much as possible. Using the existing topography, the yard is divided into entrance yard, an education yard, and a physical training yard, which are all connected with the primary functions of the institute to utilise the space.
Also, the substructure of the dormitory is built as a piloti to create a wind path, which would allow the humid mountain breeze to flow by. An atrium was placed between educational facilities to bring in natural light and fresh air. written by JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE

The goal was to create a place that mingles well with its surrounding environment for leading a communication between the users with one another in there.

Using the existing topography, the yard is divided into entrance yard, an education yard, and a physical training yard.

A view of Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance HIVISION CENTER. The courtyard in between the discussion room and lecture room deals with natural lighting and ventilation differently.

Architect: JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE (Jinwoo Lim)
Design team: E Euijin, Park Jaewan, Choi Dongsik, Kim Minae, Jung Jin, Lee Minki, Jung Kyelim
Location: 112-51, Mado-ro, Docheok-myeon, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Programme: training institute
Site area: 18,108㎡
Building area: 7,058.64㎡
Gross floor area: 25,399.68㎡
Building scope: B2, 4F
Parking: 171
Height: 28m
Building to land ratio: 38.98%
Floor area ratio: 74.23%
Structure: RC, SRC
Exterior finishing: THK30 granite stone, THK24 Low-E insulated glass, THK20 terracotta panel, THK3 aluminium sheet
Interior finishing: THK30 marble, eco-water paint on plaster board, tile
Structural engineer: The Naeun Structural Engineering co. ltd.
Mechanical engineer: DOUL Engineering
Electrical engineer: JUNG WOO Engineering
Construction: Hyundai E&C
Landscape design: HAK associates landscape architecture
Design period: Dec. 2013 – Nov. 2014
Construction period: Apr. 2014 – June 2016
Client: Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance
Photographed by Yoon Joonhwan│materials provided by JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE

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