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A City as Envisaged by the Car

 In the past, we built buildings, created squares, and made a city based on the image of our dreams. At that time, architecture represented the high-tech and led development in our city. Now just a few people emphasize the importance of architecture as there is little land left in most metropolitan centres, and people are busy blaming architecture and road systems for the transit chaos of cars and pedestrians. Frequent announcements pointing to new city construction always come under attack for their lack of consideration of daily life. Is the highpoint of architecture today to build a city anew?
On the other hand, Urban Mobility seems to be the outstanding issue of recent times. Competing to develop autodriving cars and electric cars, carmakers like Audi, Benz, Tesla have emphasized the advent of new mobility in our city, and IT companies such as Google (Sidewalk Labs) and NAVER (Naver Labs) are also accelerating their research in urban mobility. Accordingly, many countries have conceived of experimental cities and designed futuristic transportcentered cities in collaboration with architects. Now the change to cars plays is a considerable factor in new challenges faced by architecture and urbanism. What will the city of future cars be like? Beginning with this question, we will research the changes being made to cars, the ongoing urban planning of the future city, and the imaginary city.
edited by Park Gyehyun | designed by Choi Seungtae

A City as Envisaged by the Car
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076 Project│Development of the A10 Ring Road and the Lelylaan Area
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080 Article│Imagine a Car that Replaces Architecture_ Cho Taigyoun
084 Article│What will the Future Transportation and City be Like?_ Moon Youngjun

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no.594 (2017.May) 
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