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The Ananti Cove: Designing Sensory Experience

ⓒKyungsub Shin


The Ananti Penthouse Haeundae and Hilton Busan (also known as The Ananti Cove) opened last July after more than six years of planning and construction. The Ananti Cove, which is on a site of around 730,000㎡ and 200,000㎡ of Gross floor space, has received significant attention as the country’s largest vacation spot. More meaningful thing than these numbers, however, is that the Ananti Cove suggests a new spatial concept in our understanding of the ‘resort.’ The architectural design has been led by 30 member architectural firm.
SKM Architects have long kept in step with Emerson Pacific in projects in Namhae, Keumgang Mt. and Gapyeong, drawing a sensed space connecting humans with nature here Busan. In the Ananti Cove, Ken Min Sungjin (principal, SKM Architects) reached perfection by drawing on the magnificent scenery and introducing a range of a tiny and trivial details to promote relaxation in nature. Although the Ananti Cove presents a new standard in its quality of design and its method of realization, the critical comments of John Hong (professor, Seoul National University) suggest that we can learn a number of lessons from this architectural project, not only in terms of the site. Let’s contemplate the perennial questions regarding the relationship between architecture, the architect and the natural world.
edited by Yoon Solhee | designed by Choi Seungtae | photographed by Kyungsub Shin (unless otherwise indicated) | materials provided by SKM Architects


The Ananti Cove: Designing Sensory Experience

048 Interview│Sensing Space: Orchestrating a Dialogue between Humans and Nature_ Ken Min Sungjin × Park Sungjin
054 Project│The Ananti Penthouse Haeundae – SKM Architects
062 Project│Hilton Busan – SKM Architects
070 Critique│The Philosophical Section: The Reality and Potential of Ken Min Sungjin’s Ananti Cove Project_ John Hong

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