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Finding Common Values: VOID architects

VOID architects (Zhang Kiuk, Lee Kusang) here presents four new projects, including the Yeongju Senior Center, the Guro Youth Cultural Center, Paju Culture Books, and VIEW CLINIC. Their past work collectively reveals a focus on interpreting a site and resolving problems rather than expressing a singular architectural language. VOID architects new projects also share this ethos. The architects discovered appropriate means of highlighting the values of each site and at times introducing new forms to these values. In the process, common spaces that promote local life are created, from the everyday enjoyment of company and food with others on the street-side benches, to the spaces that rejuvenate a weary village. What traits should a common space have in order for everybody to appreciate it? This month’s Frame explores the ways VOID architects take on this question.

edited by Park Gyehyun | designed by Ko Insu | photographed by Kim Jaeyoon (unless otherwise indicated) | materials provided by VOID architects


Finding Common Values: VOID architects
026 Essay│An Architectural Attitude towards the Public_Zhang Kiuck, Lee Kusang
030 Project│Yeongju Senior Center
034 Project│Guro Youth Cultural Center
038 Project│Paju Culture Books
042 Project│VIEW CLINIC
046 Critique│The Value of 'PUBLICNESS' to Topology_Taeyoung Kim

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no.598 (2017.September ) 
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