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Letters from the Past

I was pondering what would be a subtle way to commemorate the 600th issue of SPACE. Making a dazzling and a proclamatory speech would be too much, and I didn’t want to give a perfunctory-sounding congratulation speech either. I wanted us to look back on ourselves with the 600th issue in comparison to the past. How much have we changed? I wanted to trace the steps we took in the past in order to reach this 600th milestone. Hence, I decided to receive letters from our past. I picked one individual from the 100th, the 200th, the 300th, the 400th, and the 500th issues of SPACE respectively and received a letter from each of them: Ahn Youngbae, who referred to SPACE as ‘the meeting place for discussion’ in the 100th issue, Yoon Seungjoong, who asked us what modern architecture is in the 200th issue, Yim Changbok, who showed us his compassionate concern for the Korean urban city in the 300th issue, Park Kilyong, who began to sketch out a genealogical map of Korean contemporary architecture in the 400th issue, and Seo Hyun, who diagnosed architectural journalism in Korea in the 500th issue. The letters that I have received from them have traversed time and have now become a medium that will echo and connects us to their perspectives. The letter can be a message to SPACE as a medium, or a message to the Korean cultural art scene and the architectural scene. I hope that this letter will remind us of the significance of the 600th issue, whether it be to us who are currently working at SPACE, or to the contemporary architects and artists that are being published in SPACE, or to the readers of SPACE.

edited by Park Sungjin, Park Semi | designed by Ko Insu


Letters from the Past
122 Memories Presented by a Magazine that Went Through a Half Century_Ahn Youngbae
124 21st Century Architecture: A Holistic Attitude_Yoon Seungjoong
126 How Should We Deal with the Participation Threshold in Public Architecture?_Yim Changbok
128 We Still Keep Asking You for Direction_Park Kilyong
130 From Perfect Order to the Age of Plural Voices_Seo Hyun

tag.  Korean architectural culture , Korean architectural journalism
no.600 (2017.November) 
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Eiger Mönch Jungfrau
Yangsan Eorinjip
Red Brick Building
Myeonmok Fire Station
Unjung Aspen
VT Haga Escape
Twin Houses
Louvre Abu Dhabi
Uhan Technos HQ office
W House
Maegok Library
Dongziguan Affordable Housing
Tung House
Botong House
Cheongun Residence
Chilbo Culture Center for Youth
Bojeong-dong Kyuwoozoo
Letters from the Past (5)_Seo Hyun
Letters from the Past (4)_ Park Kilyong
Letters from the Past (3)_ Yim Changbok
Letters from the Past (2)_Yoon Seungjoong
Letters from the Past (1)_Ahn Youngbae
Rainbowhouse for children
Rainbow Building
House in White
Pergola of The Club at NINE BRIDGES
Oil Tank Culture Park
Mellower Seongsu Flagship-store
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