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Hong, Mansik received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architect in University of Seoul, and worked in Wondoshi Architects Group, Gugan Architecture, and ATEC Architects & Associates. In 2006, he established RICHUE Architecture which provides both Design and Develop services. He engages in design work by always striving to find collectivity as a consumption value in a capitalist consumer society. He was also an adjunct professor at the department of architecture in University of Seoul.

Context and Conditions

The plot is a triangular land which has a 30 meter front road to the west. Although the road is noisy because of speeding vehicles, the plot enjoys an excellent view beyond the road. The client wanted to have a neighborhood living facility, a rental house on the second floor, and the client’s residence on the third floor. Because the building to land ratio of the plot was spacious, the client wanted to have a competitive building by providing a better living environment for the residents. The building owner wished to have a house with plenty of natural light and airflow, a yard, and an attic that the kids dreamed about having.

Geometry of Rich Simplicity

The triangular plot maintains a triangular geometry. This triangular form creates the overall frame filled with rectangular lines. The seams in between the lines and frame add depth to the space. The wall of the triangular frame created by this in-between space produces a frame to observe the outside from inside and controls the relationship. Though it is a simple triangle, the contextual form that the plot creates contains a rich space and becomes a visually aesthetical form.

Yards of Vertical Depth

The triangular form holds three yards with different vertical depths. These yards are events spaces connected to the indoors and produce depth that allows visual communication among programs separated by different floors. The three story deep yard toward the parking lot, the two story deep yard for the 2nd floor tenants, and a one story deep yard for the owner’s house. The three yards vertically create depth and horizontally produces a visual frame for viewing the surrounding area. The movement flow that links the yards allows repeats going in and out of the interior and adds spatial abundance.

Architect: Mansik, Hong

Design team: Im Doyoung, Heo Sunghoon

Location: Hwajeong-dong 690, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

Programme: Neighborhood Living Facility, Residential

Site area: 403㎡

Building area: 224.73㎡

Gross floor area: 437.56㎡

Building scope: 3F

Height: 13.66m

Parking: 6

Building to land ratio: 55.76%

Floor area ratio: 108.58%

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Exterior finishing: Stucco, Real Zinc, Low-e Glass

Interior finishing: Paint on Gypsum Board, Epoxy, Wallpaper, Wood flooring

Structural engineer: Kwangrim

Electrical engineer: Kodam

Construction: Yoonhong

Design period: Apr. 2016 – Aug. 2016

Construction period: Sep. 2017 – Apr. 2017

photographed by Kim Jaeyoon │ materials provided by RICHUE Architects

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