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Kim Dong-hee previously worked at Junglim Architecture and established his own company named KDDH in 2010. The company has been practicing in building designs such as Barberella House, Oriental Material and Book Cafe House. Together with other architects he is holding a gathering especially for clients to make them understand the meaning of a healthy building. He also expresses his creative space creation as another metaphor by drawings and installing works such as Exploring the Boogieogo Planet, Red Crazy and Desire Collecting Device.

City Icon, ROMO V-House

The building site for the ROMO V-House is an ordinary site. But even those who build houses on a normal site build their houses hoping that their life would become special. Those who want to regain their daily routines of opening the windows, gardening, and drinking tea in the yard choose an ordinary land in the city to build a home. Any city or site will have a similar shape, but if it has a name of residential district, an innovative city, etc., the site will be in a very clean and straight shape. It is a natural thing to build a straight building on a flat ground, but it is not always right to be straight and natural.

The most important agenda for this project was how to solve the inconveniences that two families live together on one site. It is inconvenient for two non-family members to share a space in their daily life. If the living space of a family is divided into separate floors, the problem is easily solved. But when it becomes a house of two houses divided into left and right, it is difficult to know how to use the outside space. To overcome this complication the buildings are arranged so that the outside space will be divided. This is done by first starting with two equal parallel masses which are separated and where the right mass is rotated to create the V-shape. With the inconsistent layout of the V-shape, both houses have a sunny yard that does not invade each other.

The people who build this building split the responsibility for the city. It may be viewed as a compensation for the city's infrastructure, but it has responsibilities, duties, and rights in that it is a space for daily life. The clients of the ROMO V-House have commissioned the design in the hope that this house, built in the empty residential district, would be an indicator for others. The client said that he wanted to live in a neighbourhood where everyone could lie together in harmony, not a house with a monotonous shape. The ROMO V-House is situated in a place where everyone’s way of life is valued.

설계 : 건축사사무소 케이디디에이치
위치: 인천광역시 서구 경서동
용도: 단독주택(다가구주택)
대지면적: 320.70㎡
건축면적: 134.00㎡
연면적: 222.98㎡
규모: 지상 2층
높이: 9.43m
주차: 3대
건폐율: 41.78%
용적률: 69.53%
구조: 철근콘크리트조
외부마감: 벽돌, 리얼징크
내부마감: 벽지, 나무
구조설계: G&H Design Workshop
기계·전기설계: ㈜대림엠이씨
시공: ㈜로모건설 설계기간: 2016.11 - 2017. 2
시공기간: 2017. 3 - 2017. 8

자료제공 건축사사무소 케이디디에이치

Architect: KDDH Architects

Location: Cheongna hannae-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

Programme: Housing

Site area: 320.70㎡

Building area: 134.00㎡

Gross floor area: 222.98㎡;

Building scope: 2F

Height: 9.43m

Parking: 3

Building to land ratio: 41.78%

Floor area ratio: 69.53%

Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Exterior finishing: Bricks, Zinc

Interior finishing: Wall paper, wood, tile

Structural engineer: G&H Design Workshop

Construction: ROMO Construction

Design period: Nov. 2016 – Feb. 2017

Construction period: Mar. 2017 – Aug. 2017

materials provided by KDDH Architects

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