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“Mobile Architecture”? What meaning does mobility have in contemporary architecture?

People these days live busier than ever. Making decisions on changing work or moving cities have become easier and are made with more confidence. In order to meet up with these needs of change, architects have proposed a solution with minimal costs: “mobile architecture”. This kind of architecture becomes a great help in emergency situations. During times of natural disasters, such as earthquakes of Sichuan in 2008 and Haiti last year, mobile architecture proved itself to be a great temporary emergency shelters.
Moreover, there is no need to personally go to the library to research for information, or go to the ticket box to buy a movie ticket nowadays. These can be done anywhere and anytime with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or a smartphone. Space and architecture now does not limit the amount of information and communication. In a new digital world, the meaning of architectural space itself is transforming!


About the book…

Like the word “immovable”, architecture does not have any movement. On the other hand, furniture refers to something that has movement. Then, what if architecture can be easily moved like furniture? What if furniture takes the role of architecture?
Damdi Publishing Co. (specializing in architectural design publications) published their new title “Mobile Architecture” in spring 2011. This book comprises a total of 120 mobile projects, of 43 architects and offices, from 18 different countries around the world. The project spectrum is full of colors; listed projects include but are not limited to, prefabricated house, mobile exhibition booth, temporary house with wheels, and emergency shelter. There are also numbers of eye-grabbing projects. Some are experimental, such as floating on water, or moving along railroad going through numerous cities. Some are futuristic robotic mobile projects, like those that are likely to be seen in SF movies.
Interview of every architect has been included to reveal their thoughts about “mobile architecture”. From these, 4 architects with strong achievements in the field mobile architecture have been chosen to illustrate their work even deeper through 4 spectacular essays.
Read the book with a smartphone?

The most interesting aspect of this book is the use of QR code. When one scans the codes on the cover and in between the pages through a smartphone application, the official website of the architect and the project is launched. The surprise does not end here. For the projects with video information, one can see the production process, the project in real action, or 3D computer graphic animation on their smartphone. The readers will be able to have a unique experience.
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