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Evolving Pavilions, DDP Kiosk
@import url(asp.css); Evolving Pavilions, DDP Kiosk Pavilion, as temporarily installed architectural structure is a small building open for relaxation. These structures can be installed in parks, or decorated for exhibitions of various events. In recent times, they have become more popular as a site in which an architect can expe...
Urban | 2015.04.06
tag. Dongdaemun Design Plaza , Kiosk , DDP
Three Conflicts and Absences
@import url(asp.css); Three Conflicts and Absences edited by Shim Youngkyu | photographed by Shin Kyungsub The DDP officially opened on the 21st of March. Seven years after the design competition was hosted and five years after its ground breaking ceremony, the proposed building has finally opened to the public after 48 mon...
Architectrue | 2014.04.02
tag. DDP
Zaha Hadid, Between Architecture and Icon
@import url(asp.css); Zaha Hadid, Between Architecture and Icon On the 14th of February, we held an exclusive interview with Zaha Hadid in the VIP room of the DDP. Her arrival itself in Korea on the 11th of February was a big issue in Korean media. She posed as the model for a fashion magazine and even a commercial. She became more ...
Architectrue | 2014.04.02
tag. DDP , Zaha Hadid
The DDP Revealed in Present Form
@import url(asp.css); The DDP Revealed in Present Form Patrik Schumacher×Han Eunju (former editor-in-chief, SPACE) Han Eunju(Han): Are you satisfied with the DDP? Patrik Schumacher (Patrik): Yes. It is a very good example of what we are trying to achieve with the new paradigm, and it is one of the true masterpiec...
Architectrue | 2014.04.02
tag. Patrik Schumacher , DDP
The Present State of the DDP and Collision within the System
August last year SPACE observed the emergence of the Dongdaemun Design Park & Plaza (DDP) and tracked its trajectory. Now, open to the public with a host of exhibitions, the DDP has shouldered the important task of its future application. Zaha Hadid’s visit and the ensuing response of the media and those within the arc...
Architectrue | 2014.03.25
tag. DDP
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