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SPACE Magazine
Professionalism and the Fusion of Contents

+ Launched in 1966, SPACE is a general interest art magazine and an international academic journal registered in the Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI). Based on its professional content in art, SPACE integrates related sciences, technologies and studies and bridges the gaps between them.

+ SPACE is a monthly magazine of over 120 pages, with each edition including Korean and English articles of around 300,000 words and typically displaying about 200 photographs. Every month, approximately 30 editorial staffs and 40 writers and architects well-known across Korea and abroad participate in the publication of this magazine. The magazine is distributed in 37 countries that are willing to represent the mainstream of contemporary architecture across the world.

+ SPACE has been criticizing the discussion behind visible phenomena from a creative point of view, seeking to establish a new structure of knowledge production.

+ The 'Frame’ section uses an integrated approach to reviewing the style and conceptual thinking behind a nominated architect through critical reviews, essays and photographs of works, while the ‘Report’ section contributes detailed reports of the latest news in art and architecture circles. The ‘Project’ and ‘Critique’ sections introduce our readers to the latest domestic and international works of architecture, with a thriving number of diverse ideas and opinions presented by contemporary critics. The ‘Imagineer’ section covers artists, art works and exhibitions that may be interpreted through spatial and architectural concepts.

+ Continuously striving for better contents, we have been publishing SPACE whilst incurring a loss every month, with the essential mission of documenting Korean art and culture history driving us instead of chasing that of profits.

The Submission Channel of Articles and Works

+ SPACE has only one channel for the submission of articles and works in order to ensure transparency and convenience. Submission is via e-mail to

+ For the submission of works, the following are the criteria:
1. Photograpic submissions must include about ten images for each of the interior and exterior of sites, at 1,000 pixels wide, and at low-resolution.
2. Blueprints include the site plan, the main floor plans and the section plans.
3. Outlines of the work should include considerations of the architect, the basic design and working design, the location, the use of the building, the building area, total floor area and so on.
4. Brief architectural explanation should be about one A4 page in length.
5. An Architect’s profile and contact information.

+ For the submission of articles, these are the criteria:
1. About 6,000 words per article; references and annotations should be correct.
2. About ten pieces of artwork must be related to the article.
3. An Author’s profile and contact information.

+ If you submit an article or work as according to the details above, we will send a first response within two to four weeks after careful examination. After a decision for publication is made, the second and third response is sent to discuss revisions of the draft, the nature of the article, the publication issue, the number of pages and so on.

+ SPACE, an international architectural magazine, rejects articles or works previously published in other magazines in order to maintain originality of content.

+ SPACE broadens the boundary of Korean architecture, crossing the centre and periphery of architecture. We look for significant and impactful architecture that allows us to reflect on our urban and rural areas, rather than following temporal trends that consider architecture as a mere image.

+ The selection process of articles and works is part of the meaningful messages and declarations that SPACE transmits across the art and architecture field. In this regard, we think that everyone applying for publication makes a contribution to SPACE, regardless of whether their work or article appears in the magazine or not.

+ Guest editors are invited to create thoughtful and practical discussions. In order to plan different features, we look for the participation of and the suggestions from architects, professors, researchers and so on who have gained expertise in the fields of art and architecture.

+ In principle, only regular readers can publish their work and articles in the magazine. A certain amount may be paid only to the author of the chosen article or work, who is sponsored by an outside organization.

+ We look for your counter-argument, differing opinions and criticism with regard to articles and works published in SPACE. Certain parts of readers’ opinions will appear in the ‘SPACE Review’ section after revision.

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